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ADD:Room 6-1107,Central Time Square 299 W.Jiang Chang Road,Shanghai
TEL:(021)3387 8815
Fax:(021)3387 8817
Zip: 200436
     Shanghai Evergreen Channel Co.,Ltd. Is a long-term service in petroleum, chemical, power, gas, electronics, communications, military and aerospace, papermaking, foodstuff, medicine, steel and auto industries;For our customers to provide security and reliability of the product and the service higher with the solution to profession- al explosion-proof electric product supplier.
    Facing the rapid changes in the industrial situation, companies looking to the future, responsive, guarantee the quality of products, In order to improve the response speed, the company established a sufficient inventory of products, And in improving after-sales service level and ability of a unique way and method ....
                Exploison-proof Trank Staticn Grounding System    Exploison-proof All-purpose channels lamp    Exploison-proof    Explosion-proof    Explosion-proof variable pressure plugs    Explosion-proof    Explosion-proof Junction Box    Explosion-proof Junction Box    
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